Hiring a Wedding Planner: Learn the Pros and Cons

Let’s start Positive and Dig in to all of the pros of hiring a wedding a planner and there are a lot!!

First: You Have a Professional Running The Show!!!

Let’s set the scene of your worst fears…Your caterers are running late, your cake showed up with the wrong design and you’re missing someone from your wedding party….if it can go wrong, it does. Let’s face it. No one wants to work on their wedding day. As a bride, you don’t want to have to lift a finger…well, except to put on your wedding ring. Let’s get into why you should hire a wedding planner, but dabble into why you may not want to hire a wedding planner. 


  1. Insider Knowledge – It can be overwhelming to sift through hundreds of photographers, DJ’s, florists etc. This is just the beginning. After the preliminaries, the next step is to interview the qualified candidates. This, in of itself can be time consuming and exhausting. There can be so much time put into interviewing vendors only to realize that they do not meet your desires and personalities. A wedding planner is a great addition to your wedding team, as they can utilize their vendor’s list. Tip: Planners pride themselves on finding vendors who are perfect for their clients’ needs.
  2. Problem Solvers – Many couples rely on their family and friends to be their “wedding planner”. Initially, this is a great idea, but not the smartest. When a wedding planner is onsite, problems are easily solved and your family/friends are able to enjoy the ceremony. 
  3. They Can Help You Stick to Your Budget – Most planners list a flat fee for their contracted services. They discuss your budget with you and help you to keep it. Remember, most planners have a vendor’s list. This means that they already have an idea of what vendor’s charge and will work with you and them to stay true to your budget. They may even be able to score insider deals. 
  4. They Will Bring Your Vision to Life – This is their job! Hiring a wedding planner is key because they are storytellers. Wedding planners hear what you want and they make it come to life. You spend sooooooo much time with your wedding planner, and they get to know you on a personal level. Being able to bring out the best of you and your fiancé and what you desire is what they are best at doing. 


    1. Intimate Details – There are many couples that are against hiring a wedding planner because they don’t want to discuss the intimate details of their relationship. Many couples are private and don’t care to disclose such details of their relationship and wedding desires. Many couples are detail oriented, resourceful and like to take charge. If this is you, planning your own wedding may be the route to go. 
    2. Added Expenses – Wedding planners add an additional expense to your budget. If your wedding budget is tight, you may not want to stretch it any further by hiring a wedding planner. Tip: If a full-time wedding planner does not fit into your budget, consider hiring a part-time wedding planner. They can take on the tasks that you prefer for them to do and still have some of the responsibility. 
    3. They Want to Take Over – This is the biggest complaint that we get from couples. The wedding planners want to take over and disregard what the couples truly want. Let’s be honest. They are not intentional about doing this. Most wedding planners are visionaries and they want the best for their couples. Sometimes, they just go about it the wrong way.

    Well, there you have it. The pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner. As you prepare for your big day, keep these suggestions in mind. Take what you need. Always remember that this is YOUR DAY. Do what you must to make it memorable.

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