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of being present in every moment of

every kiss shared
 every tear shed
every embrace felt
 and every blissful laugh 

on your wedding day

Hi I'm Crystal Summer Bear.......

a California native, worldwide traveler and lover of all things beautiful and whimsical. I'm so excited your here!

Helping couples feel confident and relaxed through a foundation of friendship + timeless, fashion inspired storytelling direction and posing that honors your unique love authentically, is what brings me true joy. 

Preserving memories is my passion! My parents wedding album from 1979 is one of my most cherished possessions. It's like a story book I can revisit over and over feeling the love spill out of the pages into my heart. 

Wedding days can feel like they drift by in a haze or even in haste. From the feel of the wedding dress on your skin, or the moment your eyes meet your true love, your 1st kiss as a married couple, to the scrumptious taste of dinner, the sweet aroma of wine and the last twirl on the dance floor before bidding farewell to your guests, you should feel relaxed and at ease to simply cherish each and every moment. 

Weddings are my passion because it brings out all of the love, laughter and light that humanity is capable of & that EVERY couple deserves to enjoy without stress or anxiety. 

When the guests have gone, the decorations are put up, the flowers wilted, the last morsel eaten and the last song played, I desire for you to relive the day through storytelling imagery + video that generations to come will cherish.  Your love is beautifully unique and I'd love the privilege of telling your story. 

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How to know if a wedding photographer | videographer is the right fit?

1) Fall in love with their style
2) connect personally with them

Summer Bear's Style

*Transcendent - 


timeless, natural, colorful photography that brings you back to that moment in time. Photography and Videography that stands the test of time and trends. 

photojournalistic photography with a editorial, fashion inspired art direction to make you feel like a million bucks! A perfect blend of caught in the moment images + beautifully posed images that showcase your love story. 

*Storytelling - 


*Adventurous - 


as a lover of unique perspectives, landscape and fashion, finding epic locations with a dynamic backdrop to create jaw dropping images is what I live for! Let's hike and create a piece of art that others will drool over!



Even working quickly, her quality was excellent!!


"She was great about directions and guiding us" every step of the way

Sherita & Rich

"My husband and I really connected with Crystal since the very start"

Deb & Adam

"She kept us laughing and relaxed during the portraits! "

scott & cat

"she has an eye for detail"

jen & ryan

"Summer is simply an artist!" 

Veronica & Eric

"We were practically giggling the whole time"

isaac & Queenie

"We were practically giggling the whole time"

isaac & Queenie

"We were practically giggling the whole time"

isaac & Queenie

"We were practically giggling the whole time"

isaac & Queenie

"We were practically giggling the whole time"

isaac & Queenie

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Crystal Summer Bear

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